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Seasonal Flowers

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, Centennial Florist has your flower needs covered. The arrangements below are sorted according to season.


Anniversary Centrepiece Flowers Wreath with Red Velvet Bow

This classic winter wreath will greet holiday visitors with the warmest of wishes. Just the right touch.

Starting at $117.95 TF84-1

Double Poinsettia Basket
Double Poinsettia Basket

Double your decorative spirit by giving not one, but two red poinsettias in a festive basket.

Starting at $51.95 TF84-2

Celebrate the Season Centerpiece Celebrate the Season Centerpiece

This decorative centerpiece captures holiday spirit so well, you can almost hear the guests caroling.

Starting at $48.95 TF85-2

Holiday Delight Centerpiece
Holiday Delight Centerpiece

Holiday dinner plans? With red candles, fresh flowers and pine, this decorative centerpiece will make any dinner even more delicious.

Starting at $67.95 TF85-3

Happy Holidays Centerpiece Happy Holidays Centerpiece

This impressive decorative centerpiece with glass-enclosed red candle will not only make the holidays merrier, it’ll make them jollier, too.

Starting at $56.95 TF86-2

Candy Cane Basket
Double Poinsettia Basket

There’s nothing sweeter than sending this festive basket. With its festive flowers and candy canes, it will add delicious decor to any room.

Starting at $50.95 TF86-4

6" Red Poinsettia 6" Red Poinsettia

The perfect plant to say "Merry Christmas." Send this decorative red poinsettia, and that special someone will indeed have a merry one.

Starting at $27.95 TF88-1

Spirit of Christmas
Spirit of Christmas

Make somebody’s holiday shine brightly with this decorative three taper candle centerpiece. It’s perfectly radiant.

Starting at $96.95 TF94-1

Two White Taper Centerpiece Two White Taper Centerpiece

Winter whites have always been a decorator’s dream. And now you can make someone’s dream come true with this wonderful winterland centerpiece.

Starting at $107.95 TF98-1

Holiday Planter Basket
Holiday Planter Basket

This lovely basket filled with winter flowers will not only warm a room, it will warm up that special someone’s heart, too.

Starting at $60.95 TF102-1



Anniversary Centrepiece Flowers Cheerful Carnations

Has it been a while since you remembered someone? Send these and they’ll forget just how long it was.

Starting at $50.95 TF53-2

Smiling Spring Basket
Smiling Spring Basket

Someone made you smile? Send them a basket of flowers that will give them an ear-to-ear.

Starting at $47.95 TF58-1

Daisy Cheer Daisy Cheer

Like a little sunshine, daisies spread their good cheer to everyone close by. Know someone who could use a little?

Starting at $46.95 TF58-3



Summertime Sensation Basket
Summertime Sensation Basket

There’s nothing like a bright summer day. And there’s nothing like receiving a colorful basket of summer flowers that will make any day brighter.

Starting at $158.95 TF65-1

Anniversary Centrepiece Flowers Shining Sunflowers

Like rays of light, sunflowers’ brightly colored petals sweep outward. Perfect to send for special occasions and everyday ones, too.

Starting at $84.95 TF66-1

Sunny Days
Double Poinsettia Basket

Like letting the sun in, this bright arrangement of yellow summer flowers will definitely light up the home or office of whomever you send it to.

Starting at $96.95 TF67-1



Majestic Fall Majestic Fall

With gorgeous fall colors of yellow, rust and orange, this spectacular arrangement captures the essence of this colorful season.

Starting at $122.95 TF73-1

Country Harvest
Country Harvest

With two taper candles, fresh flowers and wheat, this lovely fall centerpiece is sure to light up any table setting, especially Thanksgiving.

Starting at $72.95 TF75-1

Anniversary Centrepiece Flowers Autumn's Simple Beauty

Bright, bold and beautiful, this breathtaking centerpiece is sure to rake in some warm smiles. Perfect for Thanksgiving dinner.

Starting at $62.95 TF75-2

Fall Meadow
Fall Meadow

This beautiful basket filled with orange and purple flowers is topped with striking cattails. What splendor in the garden! Perfect for Thanksgiving.

Starting at $68.95 TF76-2

Vivid Yellow Kalanchoe Plant Vivid Yellow Kalanchoe Plant

Decked out with bright little flowers and strong waxy leaves, this plant is perfect for decorating. It’s a fall look that won’t be easily forgotten.

Starting at $37.95 TF80-2

Harvest Yellow Daisy Plant
Harvest Yellow Daisy Plant

This yellow daisy mum plant is so perfectly fall, it will reap big smiles from whomever receives it. Makes a great decoration indoors or out.

Starting at $39.95 TF80-3

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